Alchemy Tech, Inc.

Touch Your Dream With Alchemy3D Printer


Our company has been established in 2016 as a 3D Printer manufacturing company.

Alchemy works at the intersection of hardware, software, and molecular science.  Our vision is a future fabricated with light, where traceable, final-quality parts are produced at scale with RRM technology.

RRM (Resin Renewal Mechanism) Technology brings:

-Fast manufacturing.

-A layerless part with no stair stepping caused by starting and stopping build platform .

-Parts built as the platform moves continuously without separation, which leads to a drastic reduction in the building time.




3D Printer

Alchemy3D continues its researches, mostly focused on UV cured resin based 3D printer.

Software, hardware, mechanics and optics of the device, formulation of the chemicals used for 3D printing and visual design of the device are all included in the scope of the project.

3D Printer Material

Light curable resin based material is used as cartridge at 3D printers. It is formulated by our company. It can be used with our own 3D printer prototype and also other resin based 3D printers. Not available for packaging yet.

3D Printer Hardware

Light curable resin based 3D printer prototype machine is developed by our company. Prototype tests are successful. Minimum viable product phase will begin after investment found.

3D Printer Software

Software infrastructure for light curable resin based 3D printer is developed by our company. Tests with our own printer prototype and our own resin are successful. Software for minimum viable product phase will begin after investment found.



Office: 4701 Patrick Henry Drive Building 18 Room 5, Santa Clara
CA 95054 USA

Head Quarter & Factory: Ata Mah. Milet Bulvari No: 32 Efeler Aydin, 09010, Turkey

+1 (408) 507-5342